Case Study: Geltwood Festival

The Requirements

The Geltwood was a three masted iron hull vessel. Built in Scotland, the Geltwood was shipwrecked not far from Rivoli Bay near Beachport in June 1876 on its maiden voyage from Liverpool to Melbourne. Sadly, of the 31 passengers and crew, there were no survivors. Some 138 years later the Geltwood story continues to capture the imagination of people across the region. Today however, the name “Geltwood” represents a different kind of “ship”. The term is now synonymous with craftsmanship and kinship – two important threads in the fabric of life on the Limestone Coast. The Geltwood Festival celebrates the fabric of life through art, craft, culture, music, food and story-telling. helloFriday were commissioned to design the festival's branding and programme.



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